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Social media and international business: best practice

To succeed in an international business context an organisation must take account of many unique risk factors that may not occur at home. Chief amongst these is communication and culture, and social media.


With the rise and proliferation of social media marketing it may be tempting to think that these tools allow a marketer to reach global markets more efficiently and effectively. However this is not always the case. It is important to rest your international business social media strategy on some established marketing principles.

As an international business professional with over fifteen years experience I have developed my top 5 tips to optimise my international social media strategy.

1. Don’t lecture to your market. Keep your message simple. Your knowledge of the operating environment will take years to refine and you need to avoid costly communication mistakes in the early years.

2. See social media as a feedback tool while you refine your product offer to the market. While there is no substitute for visiting and engaging with the market in a direct sense, it can speed up your knowledge of the market and competition.

2. Understand the social media tools that are used in the market. You need to be able to measure use of a certain social media tool. If its not measured then it may have only limited application. Understand HOW social media is used? Is it for entertainment, knowledge gathering or used merely as a status symbol? Is it government controlled?

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Instagram, more than just a pretty picture?

Posted by megan on September 08, 2012
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The social networking app, launched in 2010, exploded  into our lives fulfilling our artistic need to create, enhance and share photography. Instagram allows users to edit photos, apply filters then broadcast the image through social media outlets within moments of saying cheese.

Instagram has over 80 million registered users actively sharing photos around the world.

This strong following indicates that there is something special, a level of engagement from users that we, as markerters, should be utilizing to gain insights and a better understanding of social media users.

In resent studies conducted by PEW about why social media users head online the findings were loud and clear; to stay in touch with friends and family. Instagram is just one of the hottest apps allowing for this instant communication with 58 photos uploaded a second. How brands can effectivley communicate with this mass audience and have their messages heard through the clutter is still up in the air. A brand needs to have a strong identity that voice that will translate on Instagram. The content needs to be regular and relevant in the ever evolving social media landscape in order to be shared and followed.



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Why publishers need social media

Posted by helena on September 08, 2012
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Entering the social media sphere can be pretty daunting for any business. But if your business is publishing, breathe a sigh of relief – you’re already a few steps ahead.

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Universities engaging prospective students through social media

4925082284_d460570634Universites currently interact with current students through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) however it is a challenge for them to effectively engage with prospective students.

A current student of a University is committed to that Uni, so they are generally more likely to like the Uni’s facebook page, as they want to keep up to date on news and events.

Often it is difficult to attract prospective students to follow a University on twitter or like a University on Facebook, as they generally are busy with study, friends and just life in general, and not trying to actively engage with a University that they may/may not be intereted in going to in 3 years time.

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Should business pin their hopes on Pinterest?

Posted by Richie Barker on June 01, 2012
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6945511732_f3eba2b145_mWith nearly 18 million users the online pin-board Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites in history. Not bad for a site that you need an invitation to join, and one that is being used by more mums than geeks.

The short history of social media has told us where people go, brands should follow. But is Pinterest, with its focus on passions, hobbies and interests, a good fit for every organisation?

This post looks at the phenomenon that is Pinterest to help you understand why the site isn’t social media as usual and identify opportunities for marketers with a knack for visual story telling over text based communication.

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