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Social Media Policy in Government

Posted by kate on September 08, 2012
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Social Media Policy

Think of the the word ‘government’ and the word ‘policy’ will quickly follow. But whilst policy may be nothing new to the beureaucratically initiated, policy and its application to the online world and social media is.

The increasing popularity of social media brings with it many opportunities for openness and engagment, however, it is not without its risks. As government departments – and government employees – increasingly join the social media party, the need for clear guidelines for engaging with social media is becoming more important than ever.

As well as setting the direction for the department’s online engagement, social media policies play an important role in allowing and encouraging staff to engage online. As the AGIMO Government 2.0 Primer points out, a good social media policy can empower staff to realise the benefits of online engagement, whether in existing online forums or as part of agency initiatives.

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