Social media in the workplace

Social media and international business: best practice

To succeed in an international business context an organisation must take account of many unique risk factors that may not occur at home. Chief amongst these is communication and culture, and social media.


With the rise and proliferation of social media marketing it may be tempting to think that these tools allow a marketer to reach global markets more efficiently and effectively. However this is not always the case. It is important to rest your international business social media strategy on some established marketing principles.

As an international business professional with over fifteen years experience I have developed my top 5 tips to optimise my international social media strategy.

1. Don’t lecture to your market. Keep your message simple. Your knowledge of the operating environment will take years to refine and you need to avoid costly communication mistakes in the early years.

2. See social media as a feedback tool while you refine your product offer to the market. While there is no substitute for visiting and engaging with the market in a direct sense, it can speed up your knowledge of the market and competition.

2. Understand the social media tools that are used in the market. You need to be able to measure use of a certain social media tool. If its not measured then it may have only limited application. Understand HOW social media is used? Is it for entertainment, knowledge gathering or used merely as a status symbol? Is it government controlled?

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